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Best Lavender Tours in Italy

Live Italy in a unique way, by connecting with authentic Lavender Farms

Lavender in Italy

Lavender cultivation is not as widespread in Italy as it is in some other countries like France or Spain. However, there are regions in Italy where lavender is grown, particularly in the central and northern parts of the country. Here are a few key points about lavender in Italy:

  1. Provence of Italy – Piedmont:
    • The Piedmont region, often referred to as the “Provence of Italy,” is known for its beautiful lavender fields. In particular, the area around the town of Acqui Terme in the province of Alessandria is known for its lavender cultivation. Visitors can enjoy scenic drives or walks through lavender fields during the blooming season, typically from June to August.
  2. Tuscany:
    • Some farms in Tuscany also cultivate lavender, particularly in the Val d’Orcia area. While not as extensive as in Provence or Piedmont, there are still opportunities to see and experience lavender fields amidst the picturesque Tuscan countryside.
  3. Liguria:
    • The coastal region of Liguria, known for its stunning landscapes and charming villages, also has some lavender cultivation, particularly in areas with favorable climate conditions.
  4. Agritourism and Lavender Farms:
    • Some agritourism establishments or lavender farms in Italy offer visitors the opportunity to learn about lavender cultivation, production, and its uses. These farms may provide guided tours, workshops, or products made from lavender, such as essential oils, sachets, and beauty products.

While lavender cultivation in Italy may not be as extensive as in some other countries, the regions mentioned above offer beautiful opportunities to experience the sights and scents of lavender fields amidst the stunning Italian countryside. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, take photographs, or simply relax and enjoy the natural beauty of these landscapes during the blooming season.